About Us

Aquacool Metering LLC (Aquacool) was formed between Emirates District Cooling LLC (Emicool) and European smart metering production Company, Aquametro AG . Established with a strategic envision of becoming a Global Utility Management Market Leader. The powerful companies joined in 2013 to create the world's first International Force and address the ever growing demands of the Utility Management Sector.

Set to provide the UAE market with the most modern and accurate pre- and post-services for Building Owners, Developers and other Stakeholders who seek a comprehensive utility solution. Aquacool has quickly become a pioneer in the development and application of automated meter reading system and billing software for multi-tenant complexes, residential and commercial properties.

We provide solutions to your utility cost -control concerns by developing state of the art technology designed and tailored specifically to meet your requirements. We supply fully automated Meter Data Management (MDM) system and billing software. Our team of experts brings practical and technological know-how to our sub-metering programs.