Our Services

Aquacool has grown to meet the needs of the industry and provide the first integrated metering/billing intelligence software that allows you to go beyond simple identification of energy use to a complete comprehensive utility service package. Whether you are in the construction stages of a new development or you want to retrofit an existing property, we will help you begin the billing process and install the equipment necessary to read automatically, bill directly and collect promptly your resident’s utility bills.

We provide the following services:


Whether you’re looking to install a new system or retrofit an existing one, you can rely on Aquacool’s team to handle your chilled water sub-meter. We provide a variety of solutions—from end-to-end, supply and installation to on-going maintenance —so you can choose the service that best suits your needs and budget. We offer a fully integrated BTU metering system to meet the specific needs of each client.

The Benefits:

  • Energy conscious awareness - cost allocation and consumption will be based on precise metering system; end users will pay for their consumption of their own premises along with advanced capability to forecast their air conditioning bill.
  • BTU meters save energy/money: less 30% cooling power capacity usage.
  • Positive environmental impact. Every kilowatt-hour of electrical energy saved reduces pollution by 1.5 lbs. carbon dioxide (CO2), 5.8 grams Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and 2.5 grams nitrous oxide (NOx)
  • High accuracy of meter readings
  • Automatic meter reading with minimum personnel
  • Automated data analysis from meters (Tubular, Graphical and Geographical mapping styles)

Utility Billing

Our billing intelligence software is a full automated process which provides accurate and easy-to-read bills these are then directly email to your residents. The software enables an automated synchronization of residents’ consumption charges (100% of utility expenses are captured during the move in/out process).

The Benefits:

  • Our clear and accurate billing statements help to Build trust and Boost satisfaction with residents
  • Lower Expenses - Residents have the opportunity to take charge of their own utility consumption and costs. This conservation effort on their part will result in lower utility bill at your property.
  • Data Management - Aquacool manages all customer accounts, historical billing information, online transactions, etc.
  • Flexible Frequency of invoice generation (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly etc.)
  • Month to Month consumption trend line reporting individual usage reflected on bills.

Payment Collection

With our detailed and accurate bills, residents have higher visibility into charges and fewer questions. Aquacool can extend the service to collection of payment on behalf of the developer/owners association.

Our billing module enables Developers/Owners Association to achieve a collection rate of 95-98%, significantly higher than the industry average rate of 85%.